Incentive & Match Programs

At times members of the community may donate funds to the Jackson $aves program to provide an incentive or match to students participating in Jackson $aves. Incentive programs are designed to foster and develop a skill or talent while a match programs encourage students to make a deposit into their Jackson $aves account. Both are great programs designed to help students grow their educational savings balances.

Donations can be made through the Jackson Community Foundation.


Jackson District Library In-School Reading Challenge 2021-2022

Jackson $aves participants can earn $10 deposit, when they complete the Jackson District Library in-school reading challenge from Fall 2021 to June 2022. We have funding to fund the first 50 participants that complete the challenge.

Students completing the challenge will receive an email from the Jackson District stating that they successfully completed the in-school reading challenge and instructing them to bring that email or badge notification into any TRUE Community Branch location to receive their incentive deposit into their Jackson $aves account.

This incentive ends June 30, 2022.